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BVerb Pack



In this pack I’ve
 recreated the sound of a RedPlate BlackVerb.
I've called it the B-Verb and contains 54 profiles (Studio & Merged).

The B-Verb is an American fully handbuild 6L6 driven point-to-point amplifier. It has Blackface cleans as well as Dumble-ish overdrive tones.

 It's not a very screamy or brutal amp, but is has very nice cleans and smooth crunches/distortions.

The amp has a Mid-Q switch which allows you to choose between 6 different modes. 
These are:
- Twin 1 & 2
- Super 1 & 2
- Brown 1 & 2
I think it's clear 
what every mode stands for.

It's an amp with a lot of features
, and I've tried to capture all the different settings as much as possible in the profile pack.

You will find the sound samples 
The profiles are tested with mutliple guitars, i.e. several Strats, P-90 and 
Humbucker Les Pauls, and several Telecasters.

The smooth cleans and crunches are lovely to play with and are very useable in different kind of tracks.

A quick tip: Try the programmed pre-boost on stomp 2 or the distortion on stomp 3. This will give you a very nice crunch/overdrive.

This pack contains 54 profiles

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