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Profile Pack 1

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 A MP-1 : 
Recreating the sound of an ADA MP1, my first programmable tube pre-amp. Released in the late 80's. The ADA MP1 was a unique amp because it was fully programmable. Interesting sounds because of the combination of two separate overdrives. The clean is very nice as well.

B.E.C. : 
Recreating the sound of a Bogner Ecstacy classic. Great sounding 3 channel head with lots of possibilities like Plexi-mode, old & new style mode, and a boost function. Thick sounding triple A-status amp!

BOR : 
Recreating the sound of a ZVex Box of Rock. I profiled just the stomp box. It works great and sounds raw!

CA 3+ : 
Recreating the sound of a Custom Audio CAE3+. Legendary 3 channel pre-amp. Famous for its channel 2. Used by Lukather and Landau back in the day.

Gainman : 
Recreating the sound of a Van Weelden Gainland. High gain pre-amp (Dutch amp builder). If you’re talking about gain you’re talking about the Gainland and its manufacturer, Peter van Weelden! This piece of gear is heavy stuff!

Rover : 
Recreating the sound of an Ernst Fliek 'The Rover'. The second Dutch amp in this pack. 4 Channel pre-amp. Fat, round sounding amp. Not that much bite except for channel 4.

Shower 62 : 
Recreating the sound of a Fender Showman. 1962 amp and cab, JBL D120 speaker. Great amp for the most beautiful clean sounds!

Solduro : 
Recreating the sound of a Soldano Caswell preamp. Programmable 3 channel tube preamp with motorized potentiometers. Great amp which I've used for years on many gigs and sessions. 

V.Copper30 : 
Recreating the sound of a Vox AC30. Amp from 1964. Original Jennings Blue Alnico speakers. I used it mainly for one sound which is in the profile pack (so only one profile in this pack !!).

Vempi : 
Recreating the sound of a V-Empire Blue Rumble MK II. 4 Channel head produced in Poland. Really high-quality amp. Fierce competitor for the B.E.C.

All amps are profiled with Shure SM 57, Heil PR 30, Heil PR 22 & Neumann U47 FET mics and a Chandler TG-2 Pre-amp.

Special Price €19.95 Regular Price €49.95
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